AOC T-Shirt Day, May 15, 2024

Bristol Borough Community to Celebrate Education with T-Shirt Day Fundraiser

Bristol Borough, PA, April 24, 2024 … The Academic Oversight Committee (the “AOC”) is focused on helping students — attending Bristol Borough public and parochial schools — embrace education.

Just like businesses today recognize their success is achievable by working with partners, the best outcomes for Bristol Borough students happen, when parents, educators, students, and the community — businesses and citizens — all work together.  

To celebrate the importance of education at Bristol Borough’s public and parochial schools, the AOC is launching the first-ever AOC T-Shirt Day on Wednesday, May 15th.

Custom AOC T-Shirt Day shirts, designed by Snyder Girotti Elementary School’s STEM educator, Michael Crossan, are available in all sizes to show your support for education. Order and submit payment for your shirt by May 1st here:

The evidence is indisputable that education is further reinforced when students’ parents or caregivers, and their community, support and reinforce classroom teachers.  Nothing is more important than the education of the next generation.

To learn more about the Academic Oversight Committee (AOC) and the first-annual AOC T-Shirt Day, please view the weblink below featuring Mary Gesualdi, AOC Board President, and a former Bristol Borough School District educator:

Additional ways to support the AOC and Bristol Borough education can be found here.