Joseph A. Saxton Community Service Endowment Fund


The Academic Oversight Committee (AOC) established the Joseph A. Saxton Community Service Endowment Fund (the “Fund”) in 2022 to honor its former board member, to preserve his memory and impact of community service.  This Fund seeks to leverage and reinforce community service, inhabited, and exhibited by Joseph A. Saxton during his lifetime lived entirely in Bristol Borough, PA.

The Joseph A. Saxton Community Service Endowment Fund will award grants, based on the discretion of the Fund’s Trustees, to a non-profit organization presented on behalf of a current or former Bristolian, focused on the greater good of the community, that imbues, embodies, and exhibits the same kind of commitment to community service --- to make Bristol Borough a better place for all its citizens --- as “Joe” or “Sax” or “the Mayor” did every day throughout his 72 years.

Purpose, Goal, and Objective:

  • Identify an organization that promotes and elevates volunteerism and community service across Bristol Borough’s diverse population and neighborhoods in the manner and spirit displayed by Joseph A. Saxton.

Eligibility & Award:

To be eligible for a Joseph A. Saxton Community Service Endowment Fund grant award these minimum standards are applicable:

  • Organizations must be a registered and certified 501 c-3 non-profit, doing good works in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, and recognized in good standing by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of State, Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations, Charities Section.
  • Grant awards are non-restrictive meaning there are no restrictions or limitations on how the grant award is to be invested or to be used.
  • Awarding a grant on an annual basis is desirable, but not required.


  • Five Bristolians are to be appointed as Trustees of the Fund, serving concurrent two and three-year terms.
  • The Board of Trustees shall invest and manage the Fund, with and in coordination with Penn Community Bank, as a prudent investor would, by considering the purpose, terms, distribution requirements, and other circumstances of the Fund.
  • The Board of Trustees shall select an individual associated with an organization (NPO) that mirrors Joseph A. Saxton’s commitment to community service by awarding a non-restrictive $1,000 grant.